Accessibility Audits

Built and Landscape Environments

A ramp in front of an historic temple building in South Korea

GAATES provides professional Universal Design and accessibility architectural and design services to developers, building owners, architects, municipalities and other government departments and agencies to ensure the Universal Design of built and landscape environments. Services include accessibility reviews of drawings of proposed facilities, site visits and audit reports GAATES is able to conduct accessibility audits and assessments for built facilities such as public buildings, government facilities and private developments. GAATES can assess landscape and outdoor aspects of the built environment, such as recreation facilities, parks and elements of public spaces.

A man using a walker assists in measurements for an accessibility audit

Accessibility audits can include the review of preliminary architectural drawings, assessment of existing facilities, heritage properties, private developments and government facilities. GAATES consultants have extensive experience and can provide recommendations for ensuring an accessible environment, using a priority system, which bases the improvements on cost, safety and ease of implementation.

GAATES is also able to offer assistance for clients wishing to develop accessibility strategies for future developments which incorporate fire and life safety concerns for people with disabilities. GAATES also has specialized expertise in designing accessible play spaces. We can provide design, installation and inspection services ensuring that play spaces are inclusive and safe.

Accessible ICTs – Website Audits and Development

For persons with print and vision disabilities, access to information is fundamental to accessing education, employment and to full participation in society.

GAATES is able to professionally evaluate the accessibility of websites, mobile applications (Apps) and self-service devices such as kiosks and terminals.

Image of persons hands typing on a laptop keyboard. On the screen is an image of a magnifying glass enlarging the onscreen text.

GAATES can also work with your organization to develop policies and guidelines related to the production of accessible documents, and for ensuring the on-going accessibility of your electronic communications.

GAATES members participate in the development of international standards such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, as well as contribute to ICT forums such as WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society) and UN-GAID (UN – Global Alliance for ICT and Development) events.

Transportation – Facilities and Vehicles

A group of persons with a variety of disabilities (2 wheelchair users, a person who is blind and using a guide dog, person who is hard of hearing), along with the architect of a new transportation terminal conducting an accessibility audit of the building

GAATES provides professional Universal Design and accessibility services to transportation facility developers, owners/operators and the owners and operators of transportation vehicles. Services include accessibility reviews of terminal drawings and facilities as well as vehicles, site visits and audit reports as well as the development of Universal Design Guidelines and Implementation Manuals.

GAATES can also provide training for front line service staff on providing customer service to persons with disabilities.