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What is Accessible Tourism?

Accessible tourism is about all people having the opportunity to travel regardless of factors such as disability or age. Barriers to tourism can take many forms from physical barriers to attitudinal ones. Accessible tourism looks to remove these existing barriers and avoid creating new ones. It is not just about accessible destinations, it is about accessibility throughout the whole experience. This begins with marketing, information, booking processes through to transportation and then facilities and attractions. Each of these are also influenced by the accessibility of their customer service.

Resources for Organizations in the Tourism Industry

The Business Case for Accessible Tourism

Businesses that cater to the tourist industry have a compelling case to maximize their accessibility to people with disabilities. Creating accessibility can open the doors to a growing and often untapped pool of consumers. Often, people with disabilities represent 20% of their population. Not only is the population of people who have some form of disability growing but they’re also increasingly mobile. Consider also that people often travel as a family or as a group. An attraction that provides access for an individual using a wheelchair or a child in a stroller will also gain the business of the group travelling with them. Ultimately the increased revenue benefits the tourism operators and in turn the community as a whole.

Guides to Help Your Business Benefit from Accessibility

Best Practice in Accessible Tourism_book cover

Best Practice in Accessible Tourism Inclusion, Disability, Ageing Population and Tourism Authors : Dimitrios Buhalis, Simon Darcy, Ivor Ambrose Available for purchase at external

Accessible Tourism Concepts and Issues_Book cover

Accessible Tourism Concepts and Issues Authors : Dimitrios Buhalis, Simon Darcy Available for purchase at external

Guides for Travelers with Disabilities

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