Apply to be a GAATES Country Representative

The Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES) is seeking Country Representatives to promote the goals and objectives of GAATES in countries around the world.

GAATES’ Aqeel Qureshi (Japan), Natalia Ilieva of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (Malyasia) and GAATES’ Betty Dion (Canada) standing in front of flags from around the world.

Country Representatives have the following obligations:

  • Support and Promote the GAATES Mission and Objectives to promote the understanding and implementation of accessibility of the sustainable built, social and virtual environments
  • Report to the Country Review Committee and Board on accessibility and disability related activities in your area and country. (Reports are to be completed in English)
  • Work with the GAATES office (and other DPOs/NGOs) to organize an event, lecture, workshop or conference on accessibility in your Country
  • Represent GAATES at National and local disability and accessibility events whenever possible
  • Become and remain a member in good standing
  • Support the GAATES Board of Directors in organizational activities, conferences and projects. (More information on the Board of Directors is in the About GAATES section)
GAATES country rep’s Peter Bodo Ong’aro and Abdul Zazai pose for picture

Country Representatives have the following benefits:

  • Participate in a global network dedicated to accessibility
  • Contribute to the international dialogue on accessibility
  • Be part of the International GAATES family
  • Eligible for Educational Funding assistance to participate in national and international conferences and events
  • Work with GAATES international experts on proposals and projects
  • Access to the Members Area and the database on International and National Codes, Standards and Regulations

If you are interested in applying:

  • Fill out and submit the Online Country Representative Application form
  • Once GAATES has received and reviewed your online application you will be contacted and asked to provide a copy of your resume, as well as a photo head shot to help us put a face to the name in case we recognize you from a previous meeting or conference.

Note: The photo submission does not impact on your application or consideration for a Country Representative Position.


The Country Representative Review Committee will review applications approximately every 6 months. The term for the Country Representative position is 1 year, with renewal at the discretion of the Committee and Board.